Christchurch Bridal Hair & Make-up

Terms & Conditions

The service charges shown reflect a standard hair styling & make-up application service and are applicable for all bookings

confirmed on/ after 1st September 2017.

Additional charges:

Additional charges maybe quoted/ incurred to meet specific requests (pre-setting/ dressing) and additional purchases.

Additional purchases will be charged at the point of purchase, unless otherwise stated.

The service charges include a complimentary set of strip lashes for the Bride if requested; however a £5 surcharge will be applicable to each Bridal Party member wanting Lashes on the Wedding day. Lashes, whether supplied or provided will only be applied with confirmation that a patch test has been carried out in advance.

Services extend across Dorset & Hampshire, however, as of July 2022, all confirmed bookings will be subject to an additional mileage charge (45p per mile), applicable to any mileage undertaken to fulfil the booking at the point of confirmation. Mileage charges will be added to the balance invoice (booking confirmed previous to this there will be a 10-mile inclusion before excess mileage charge becomes applicable - as stated on booking). Any additional travel or parking charges incurred will also be charged.

The Brides Rehearsal/ Trial usually takes place 4-6 weeks before, however this is negotiable, availability dependant. As of January 2022, all rehearsals/ trials take place at BH23, Christchurch, unless otherwise negotiated. Any location rehearsal/ trial will be subject to an additional charges to cover time as well as additional mileage.

'Christchurch Bridal Hair & Make-up' primarily works as a sole trader. If a third party is has to be sourced to assist in accommodating a preferred/ later start, or venue entry restriction, an additional flat charge of £50 will be applied and added to the balance invoice.

Booking Confirmation & Payment:

To keep our charges competitive bookings are only confirmed / dates reserved on receipt of a 50% service deposit; all deposits are non-refundable. The payment balance will be invoiced 10 days* before the Wedding/ event booked; full payment will be due by the Wedding day/ event booked. *In instances where a third party had been booked assist with the booking, the balance payment will be requested in full 2 weeks before the wedding date.

Payment methods accepted: Cash, Cheque (with guarantee card), Bank Transfer

& PayPal (an additional surcharge implemented for all PayPal transactions, based on the Pay Pal charges at the time).


'Christchurch Bridal Hair & Make-up' primarily works as a sole trader. In circumstances where an assistant/ third party is required/ agreed to fulfil a larger booking a surcharge may be added/ applicable. No liability will be taken for any services provided by a 3rd Party. On occasion, 'Christchurch Bridal Hair & Make-up' is booked by a third party to assist on their bookings; again, no liability will be accepted for services and booking terms agreed by a third party. 

Special offers & promotions may be subject to additional terms & conditions, and can be revoked at any time.

In the extremely unlikely event that a situation arises beyond our control (such as hospitalisation, severe weather conditions etc..) that prevent us fulfilling our service on your special day, circumstances allowing, every effort will be made to assist you in finding an alternative. In such an instance a refund may be made/applicable.

In no circumstance will financial compensation be payable.

Bookings for occasions and events other than weddings are subject to exactly the same terms and conditions outlined above.